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The IC100-S packs a variety of fast and powerful instruments into
a small box at a small price.

This rugged little tester is fully capable of high volume production testing. It includes everything needed to test most low-to-medium complexity analog, digital, and mixed-signal IC's.   It is the perfect choice when testing devices with serial interfaces like I²C and SPI.


Data Sheet – English Version | Data Sheet – Chinese Version

• Space saving footprint, integrated computer,
   small light-weight test head
• Fill-in-the-blanks software for easy, intuitive test
• Summary sheets, datalogs, and a prober/handler
   interface are included
• Curve-tracer software gives engineers a built-in,
   efficient lab tool
• Up to 16 SMU's, 16 digital inputs & 16 outputs,
   serial ports, 32 relay controls

Applications Include:
• Power management devices with serial
   microcontroller interfaces
• Serially-programmable analog switches,
   multiplexers, DAC's & ADC's
• Common analog & mixed-signal IC's like
   op-amps, regulators, references

• 4 to 16 VI-Sources: Kelvin, 4-Quadrant, ±20V,
• I²C Serial Interface to 3.4MHz
• SPI Serial Interface to 20MHz
• 16 Digital Drivers with Programmable VIH
• 16 Digital Receivers with Programmable Vt
• 24-Bit ADC with Programmable Conversion
   Speed and Resolution
• 32 Independent Loadboard Relays
• 5 User-Defined 16-Bit DAC's, ±10V Outputs

Factory Requirements:
• Switchable 110VAC or 240VAC, less than
   500 Watts
• Card Cage Box: 13" (330mm) Deep x
   10.85" (275mm) Wide x 8.7" (221mm) Tall
• Test Head Box: 8" (203mm) Deep x
   8.35" (212mm) Wide x 1.75" (45mm) Tall


Simple Connection between Tester and DUT

Each tester instrument is routed to the loadboard, and is clearly marked on the loadboard silkscreen for easy connection to the DUT. Every signal has an internal relay between the tester and the DUT that automatically opens and closes. In this way, multiple instruments may be shorted together at the DUT, without interfering with each other.