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The IC100-A is a special-purpose tester that is configured from the basic IC100-S. Most modern Ambient Light Sensors include an I²C port to read and write the internal registers. The IC100-A includes an infrared transceiver for proximity testing. This system is built specifically to test these types of devices at the fastest possible production throughput.


Data Sheet – QuickGlance

• External Optics Module with visible light LED's for
   up to 1000Lux (250KLux optional)
• Optics also have infrared LED and photodiode with
   amplifier for PX testing
• Sync circuit catches DUT's IR pulses for peak
• Optional custom loadboards available for
   special requirements

• 2 or 4 VI-Sources: Kelvin, 4-Quadrant, ±20V,
• I²C Serial Interface to 3.4MHz: SCL & SDA
• SPI Serial Interface to 20MHz: SCK, MISO, MOSI,
   CS, CS/
• 24-bit ADC, with 4-Input Multiplexer
• Up to 32 Independent, User-programmable
• 5 User-defined 16-bit DAC's, ±10V at
   ±20mA max